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In-home Care Services for People of all ages
Community Access Services for Children with Special Needs
Supported Employment Services Programs for People of all ages

Who we are  |  Our staff  |  What we do  |  Our philosophy

Who we are:
Cindy Oxford-Wright, MS, CRC
        President/Director of Services/DDP
        Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Heath Wright, MS Ed
        Educational Psychology & Business Administration

Robin Crook, RN
        Nurse Supervisor

Stellise Kirk, RN
        Nurse Consultant

Angelina Hood, LPN
        Nurse Coordinator

Jen Jandres
        Services Coordinator
Our Staff:
Our caregivers are specially trained to care for children, adults with disabilities and to handle emergencies. Our caregivers meet the following qualifications: Specifically trained and CPR/First Aid certified; Pass thorough background screenings; All in-home care staff are either Registered Nurses, Licensed Pratical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants or they have Personal and Home Care Aide training and certification.

Our employment services staff are trained to help clients find a job that is a good fit for the client and learn appropriate work-place skills and behavior, improving long-term job retention.
What we do:
  • In-home Care Services
    Provide reliable in-home personal care and sitter/companionship services that allow clients and families to feel secure. Provide emotional support and motivation through conversation, encouragement, and play.
  • Community Access Services
    Provide assistance with outings that help the client participate in the community, have fun, and increase social interaction.
    Provide the appropriate support, including personal care, needed by the client in the community setting.

  • Supported Employment Services
    Provide assistance in getting, learning and keeping paid jobs and careers through job exploration, job development, job coaching and related supports.
    Provide individualized services, shaped by the unique strengths, needs, and preferences of each individual.

Our philosophy:
  • Our mission is to assist and empower children and adults in reaching their fullest potential.

  • Our goal to help people with developmental disabilities and their families by providing individualized, one-on-one services and family support.

  • Because of the additional care often required by a child or adult with a developmental disability, respite care usually becomes a basic need for families, with that need increasing as the child grows older, rather than decreasing. We know that families need responsible, professional, caring people to help their loved ones meet their individual challenges.

  • We believe that each individual is special and deserves to be treated with respect. We believe in open communication with clients and family. We place special emphasis on interaction and fun activities that support goals.

  • We believe that a positive work experience or career helps foster, not only financial stability, but also self esteem, self reliance, and enhances community integration.

We'll be there
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us to be!

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• 24 hours a day

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