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Positive Behavioral Support
What is Positive Behavioral Support?
  1. A set of strategies that help support individual choices and maximize a person's strengths and abilities
  2. Strategies that seek to uncover the reason or reasons behind most difficult behavior
  3. Strategies that support the person in changing behavior, primarily in working to encourage more positive behavior, rather than attempting to exert control over the person
  4. Working from a belief that behavioral challenges should be treated with compassion and respect
  5. Working from a belief that a meaningful daily life positively influences behavior
Supporting positive behaviors also involves understanding the following about the individual:
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Motivations
  • Biomedical/Physical factors (e.g., illness, pain, gastrointestinal problems, oversensitivity to certain stimuli, medication reactions, nutrition, sleep patterns, etc.)
  • Learning style
  • How the environment affects the individual
We strive to set up and promote:
  • Positive caregiver-client relationships
  • Exposure to options and opportunities to exercise choices
  • Exposure to appropriate role models and good examples of appropriate social behavior
  • Helpful routines
  • Realistic expectations

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